Who We Are


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Soil Products is founded by


With a background in Psychology, herbal-ism and an attuning to the energetic sources of Mother Nature, Soil Products is an offering of intentionally crafted Skincare and aromatherapy products

"My life started to change when I understood that I have no control over what has happened or will happen to me in life, but that I do have total control on how I choose to respond when the happening occurs. Soil Products was created out of my own personal need for Self Healing and I desire to share my holistic creations, that act as tools to aid in serving my community."  

~ Earth

All blends are curated within and or around specific cycles of the moon so some blends may be limited edition - The Natural Law states that the only thing constant in life is change, and we choose to obey this.  Established on the ideals of self healing, Soil Products offers a gentle self care reminder to redirect you back to self whilst enjoying a sensory experience.

We also offer a 1- 2 - 1 consultation service where you will be assessed and through ancient Ayurvedic practice, diet, spiritual practice, your birth chart & astrology. We will create a blend that is tailored to you and for you.