When we move with intention we work in perfect harmony with the universe. We make choices and decisions everyday and none of these decisions are good or bad. They’re simply just the choices that we make. And when we make them whether mentally or physically, we create energy that alters a shift in the universe. And depending on our destined path - nature will create the outcome.

CALL TO ACTION: Now that we are in new season we urge you try attempt a new way of life. Do everything with intention. From your shower, to your tea, your food prep, your hair wash day, your skin care regiment. What do you want from the act? If it’s clearer skin you want, as you wash your face love your pores and work your fingers around your skin encouraging it to be healthy. Wake up feeling heavy? As you shower wash away the heaviness speak an affirmation, call for the water to cleanse and wash it away. As you sip your tea call for it to nourish you and give you peace. As you roll your smokable what experience to do want have? Call for it.


Wishing you all a Peaceful and Blessed week ahead ✨

How will you be taking care of yourself this week?

As today (21.06.2020) is a new moon this is a perfect time to plant your seeds, manifest your desires and cut any necessary cords. Sit with self, listen to what it is you need rather than want. Create a ritual for yourself, introduce a new Soil blend into you routine to aid you with grace on your journey.

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