Don't go back to what broke you.

Venus in Retrograde

Venus in retrograde means?

Retrograde means to move backwards. Venus is the ruling planet of love, values and influences how we love and communicate our love in family, relationships and friendships. During this time you may find that you are reassessing who and what you value most, having to communicate more openly about how you feel, that you are more irritable to particular relationships, or friendships, family members with an firey urge to express your emotions. This is also an optimal time for you to embark on or re-think a relationship. REMINDER - Always do so with love and compassion, and if you are not able to at the moment - take some timeout and centre yourself before you approach the situation.

How does this affect you?

Be wary of past relationships popping back up - This has been happening over the past few weeks and will continue throughout June.

Exercise wisdom from lessons learnt and use it as a period to gain closure and move on rather than rekindle what has been.

‘Don’t go back to what broke you.’

Madam C.J. Walker

In the current climate it can be easy to take a current reality and fantasize (project) our desires of what it could be rather than actually see the reality of what is.

‘Accept the reality of what is not as you would like for it to be’

S. N. Goenka

Be conscious to practice acceptance and surrender to the present moment rather than trying to resist it. One way to encourage this is to practice breathing excercises which draw you back to self. When feeling resistance or any other low frequency vibration or emotion - do the following :

Inhale - 4 seconds

Hold - 7 seconds

Exhale - 8 seconds


This blend is used in accompaniment of spring - New beginnings. This blend is perfect for you to manifest a new love in your life. Using intention and visualization through meditation.

TIP for using S P R I N G blend:

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  • SCRIPT - Write your desires in a journal as if they have already happened, from a past tense perspective. Go into detail about the love you desire (have) and play out what you feel on a sensory, emotional, and spiritual level.

  • Tibetan singing bowl - Now cleanse the energy in your space through sound. You can also use sage or palo santo in addition to this.

  • Apply the S P R I N G blend to 7 pulse points of the body and take DEEP BREATHS.

  • Sit & meditate for 8 minutes and visualise yourself bounded by love, accepted, safe and protected.

During this time, we urge you all to show up in your day to day, make each day count in your conversations, interactions. Always operate from a place of love and compassion.

E xx

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