I quit my job ASAP and put myself into therapy. (#003 G R O W)

Every blend has a beginning. This is the story of G R O W.

Do you know what it is to wake up everyday and consecutively be slapped in the face with your darkness?

I crawled out of bed everyday for 3 months, battling with my mind about what excuse I could make to not go into work and endure the job I despised from a deep place within my soul.

Every single day, waking up heavy and feeling like my bed was holding me hostage. The notion of tea wouldn’t even get me up and out, just in bed, feeling guilty, battling with my mind and body everyday.

I didn’t know how to communicate what I feeling; partly because I wasn’t sure what I was feeling entirely but just knew that I could feel it with intensity. I hated my job. No purpose, no inclusion, no passion. Being reminded of my blackness through micro aggressions, labelled as aggressive when I said little, treated as lesser than my colleagues. And I was grieving the loss of love too, (Heartbreak blend #002 story coming soon) doing everything but reminding myself of my greatness. Instead, perpetuating the narrative that I was not enough.

My TRIBE couldn’t be there for me because I didn’t allow them to be. I chose to isolate myself from everything.....but nature. I turned to herbalism and blended a remedy for the lows.

I needed something or someone to hold me down. NURTURE - LAVENDER

I also needed to be lifted up at the same time. Feel somewhat like a superwoman. REVITALISE - LEMONGRASS

I yearned for peace of mind. Clarity. RECHARGE - GREEN TEA

And G R O W was born.

.....I also quit that job ASAP. And put myself into therapy.

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