Summer Solstice 20.06.20

Summer solstice is just around the corner. (Saturday 20th of June 2020.) This takes place when the poles of the Earth are at a maximum tilt towards the sun, with the sun reaching its highest position in the sky. As a result we have a longer period of daylight on this day.

E N E R G E T I C A L L Y we are being provided with an abundance of our primary energy source (The sun) . This is a time to intentionally use this energy and manifest it into your passions and desires. In spring we planted our seeds with intention, now it is the time to DO THE WORK in order for the fruit to grow and harvest in time for the Autumn Equinox.

’The progress of the Sun throughout the year symbolises the process of attaining enlightenment and summer solstice is the final climax of this journey as the day of most light in the year.

(The Path of the Spiritual Sun - Belsebuub)

What does 'doing the work' look like?

Spiritually we are called to remember to look inside ourselves and do something new in order to reap something new, however this does not mean that you need to do more, rush or throw yourself into the deep end. In actual fact it means SLOW DOWN; patience really is a virtue. When we relax, let go of our attachments/expectations, and exercise patience with a healthy helping of F A I T H, we allow life to happen and for things to fall into place as and when they are supposed to. You have already planted the seed, let nature (the universe) do the rest.

5 rituals for Summer Solstice:

  1. Light a bonfire - it is believed that in this day the wall that separates the realms of spirit and human beings is at its thinnest. A time to honour and give thanks to spirit guides and guardians.

  2. Charge your crystals - on this day we experience the highest point of energy in the year. Use this day as a spiritual reset. Lay them in the sun at midday. At sunset, make time to sit for 8-10 minutes in meditation, hold your crystals in your left hand and set your intentions for the new season.

  3. Change the layout of your living space - Re working the structure of your room, living room, kitchen acts as a reboot for the flow of energy in your home. The only thing constant in life is change, and encouraging change within the home is a conducive method to practice being about peace with change.

  4. Embrace Nature - this is a standard practice every season and summer is no different. Mother Nature is pregnant with life and nature is in full bloom. Post Quarantine, our waters are clearer the air is cleaner and life is thriving. Take some time to adorn nature and take stock of its abundance and ever changing nature.

  5. Gather with your tribe and reflect on the first half of the year - The past 3 - 6 months has been a new experience for us all as we have had distance from our loved ones and the usual routines. Now that we are easing into a new normal, make a plan to gather with your tribe in nature and create a moment to remember. This year will be one to remember for many reasons, but it is important to continue to create beautiful touching memories with our loved ones. When we leave this lifetime, the memories we share are what is left. People will remember you by how you make them feel not necessarily by what you did or didn’t do, so create the space for more love, transparency, laughter, joy and most importantly ACCEPTANCE of each other.

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