VETIVER - Saturn retrograde - New Moon.

This week has been a trying one - with Saturn in retrograde, the moon in its waning cycle and new moon arriving on the 22nd of May there is a lot of change, letting go and calling for introspection. For those of us who's ruling planet is Saturn, this has been an even more intense time for us. So we need to slow down and find B A L A N C E. This week calls spirit to delve in and read - KNOWLEDGE is power. Learning how to alter your current state through the use of herbs and essential oils when experiencing low vibrational enegies will help to bring you out of whatever it is that you're experiencing

B A L A N C E - the birth of a new blend. The foundation of this blend is VERTIVER - an essential oil know as 'the oil of tranqulity' or 'magic grass'. This oil is taken from the root through the distallation process and is widely used to promote safety and increases abundance. Some of its other qualities are wisdom - self esteem - healing - B A L A N C E - centering.


Planet : Mercury, Saturn, Venus

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius

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