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G R O W (10ml) - Cultivate your C L E A N S E - Call to R E N E W - Be R E F R E S H E D (Best use - Clear quartz)
Created for daily use, she re energises through citrus scents folded into green tea fragrances to awaken and revitalize.
Carrier oil - Sweet Almond Oil 
(The diffuser blend is concentrated, do not use directly on skin please use a few drops in a carrier oil, butter or fat.)
  • How to use S O I L and take care.

    Shake well before use - DO NOT use on cracked, dry,  irritated or sensistive skin. 

    Apply on all 7 pulse points of the body 

    • Temporal. The side of the head, near the temples.
    • Carotid - Side of the neck.
    • Brachial. Arm.
    • Femoral - Middle of the groin.
    • Radial - Wrist
    • Popliteal - Back of knee.
    • Pedal - The side of the foot, near ankle.
Diffuser/Body Use

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