The Deities Collection (Limited edition)

The Deities Collection (Limited edition)

A L A (The Earth/Soil) 10ml


Tamarind, Tonka Bean & Benzoin Resin essential oils (Sweet Almond Carrier Oil)


Spirit Animal: Gorilla


Qualities: Noble, Stable, Dignity & Quiet Honour.


Element: Earth


"If the monkey mind is active, and the ox mind is still then the gorilla is the one who observes quietly."



C H I (The Spirit) 10ml


Rosemary, Bayberry, Frankincense, Golden Berry & Tangerine Essential oil (Sweet Almond Carrier Oil)


Spirit Animal: Panther


Qualities: Valour, Strength, Quiet Confidence, Discernment.


Element: Water


"Life is cyclical. Our bodies assist us through this life & Spirit never ceases to exist."


O B I (The Heart) 10ml


Juniper Berry, Amber, Peppermint & Thyme essential oil (Sweet Almond Carrier Oil)


Spirit Animal: The Ram


Qualities: Action, Assertion, Ruler & Leader.


Element: Fire


"Like a flame from the wick of one candle to the next, love can be passed on and on with ease."